The Shelf Lifetime Of Weed: Just How Long Does Flower Stay Fresh?

An explainer on what flower that is long fresh. Or, what you should do once you rediscover some premium natural herb in your sock cabinet.

Here’s a genuine story: Recently, I’ve had a lingering aspire to earn some cannabutter (my mom’s recipe—coconut oil infused with cannabis by means of a lengthy, sluggish simmer). Not attempting to spend premium money on premium herb for some butter i really could perfectly botch, i discovered myself at a loss. Then, while cleaning up the clustercuss this is certainly my pantry, i came across a generously sized bag for the type of scraggle weed that’s perfect for home-brewed butter.

The problem that is only? The bud ended up being because crisp as a mummified box of saltine crackers, a relic of my freeloading school days. Which led us to inquire of myself a number of concerns. If We make an effort to grind this ancient natural herb, can it check out dust? Can it work? Am I going to perish? Is this also weed? Look, I’m no expert, but i recognize just how to make use of the Google and figured out just how to alter a tire once, and so I felt I happened to be as much as the duty of digging deep to the technology behind maintaining cannabis fresh.

Here’s exactly what we learned: As is the truth with many natural elements on planet, nothing persists forever. All things are short-term. My apologies if you’re first hearing about mortality with a cannabis internet site, but hey, you can find worse techniques to understand death. 続きを読む