While cleaning up before anal play might not be necessary, many people find so it makes them feel more content.

The Enema Bulb allows you doing, with some easy steps:

  1. Wash the bulb away well before usage. Fill the light bulb all of the real means with heated water. We suggest using filtered water since tap water has chlorine and other chemicals that may irritate you while you can use tap water. It is additionally better to use water that is wrist-temperature. If it’s too cool, it may cause cramps if it is too hot, it could be painful.
  2. Connect the nozzle that you choose. The bigger one shall release water more quickly.
  3. Lubricate the nozzle with some of our lubricants. Generally, thicker ones function better. You may would also like to incorporate lubricant around the anal area. For some, glycerin-containing lubricants may cause discomfort and really should be prevented; one component of this discomfort, as soon as the lube can be used rectally, is always to provoke bowel motion. 続きを読む